Welcome to Redu-Sone

We are a start-up company based in the Nijverdal, The Netherlands. Our mission is to provide passive noise control solutions using innovative micro-perforated plate/panel (MPP) technology. Through thorough research/development efforts, we are the first to combine an economically scalable MPP production method with the acoustic know-how to create MPP-based duct silencers.

Advantages of Redu-Sone MPP silencers

MPP silencer technology

Micro-perforated plates (MPP’s) are metal sheets which are perforated with sub-millimeter sized holes. These small holes generate viscous friction when a sound wave passes through. The viscous friction converts acoustic energy into heat energy.

Around the MPP layer, there are several back cavities. These cavities have a resonator function, and let the molecules ‘breathe’ through the MPP layer. The resonance frequencies of the different chambers are tuned to achieve a maximal noise reduction in separate frequency bands, tuned to the dominating spectral components of the noise source.


Our team

Dr.ir. Anne de Jong

Director / Acoustics Expert

Ben Hendriks

Business development

ir. Casper Jansen

R&D / Acoustic Engineer

Marijke Hartman

General Manager / Administrative

Adrian Salakorij

Silencer Consultant

Besides our own team, we co-operate with highly skilled fast time-to-market manufacturing companies.



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7442 NW Nijverdal
The Netherlands

Phone number

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